Bow Top Railings

Bow Top Railings

Bow Top Railing fence systems have a tubular construction that provides extra durability – as such, they are ideal for sites where you want to install one solution and know it’s going to last long term. Bow rop railing fence systems are ideal for grounds and gardens, to create pathways on open sites, to provide safe barriers (e.g. along cliff tops or riversides) and are suitable for many more applications. The bow top construction is particularly resilient to vandals, as there are no visible joints to encourage tampering. Our experienced team install bow top railing fence systems throughout the UK, and we’ll be happy to advise you on materials and design.

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Bow Top Railings specifications

Height Rail Bar (dia) Posts Post centre (m)
0.9 30 x 10 12 50 x 50 SHS 2.75
1.0 30 x 10 12 50 x 50 SHS 2.75
1.2 30 x 10 12 50 x 50 SHS 2.75
1.5 40 x 10 16 50 x 50 SHS 2.75
1.8 40 x 10 20 102 x 44 RSJ 2.75
2.0 50 x 10 20 102 x 44 RSJ 2.75

Testimonials & feedback from our clients

Having spent several hours on research, and a number of visits from prospective fencing companies, I...

Many thanks for a good job, Your staff were brilliant throughout. Best wishes Dave.

We are so pleased with the new fence and how efficiently it was done. PS. The wood colour is perfect.