Rabbit Fencing

rabbit fencing

If you’re looking for rabbit fencing services, it’s likely you understand the damage these cute creatures can do to crops and plants. Or, you simply want to safely contain your own rabbits and protect them from harm. Either way, a rabbit fencing net should be tailored to provide a reliable barrier with low risk of harm to our floppy eared friends. We treat small animal fencing as seriously as we do fencing for larger livestock. We know you need a long-term solution with minimum maintenance required, so let’s find a quick and easy solution for you.

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Hampton Net Rabbit Fencing specifications

Fully Galvanised After Manufacture to BS EN 10223-2

Description Height (mm) Mesh (mm) Wire (mm)
900/19/22g 900 19 0.7
1200/19/22g 1200 19 0.7
1200/19/20g 1200 19 0.9
1200/19/19g 1200 19 1.0
600/31/19g 600 31 1.0
900/31/19g 900 31 1.0
1050/31/19g 1050 31 1.0
1050/31/18g 1050 31 1.2
1200/31/19g 1200 31 1.0
1200/31/18g 1200 31 1.2
900/50/19g 900 50 1.0
1200/50/19g 1200 50 1.0
1800/50/19g 1800 50 1.0

Fully Galvanised Before Manufacture to BS EN 10244-2

Description Height (mm) Mesh (mm) Wire (mm)
900/50/20g 900 50 0.9

Testimonials & feedback from our clients

Having spent several hours on research, and a number of visits from prospective fencing companies, I...

Many thanks for a good job, Your staff were brilliant throughout. Best wishes Dave.

We are so pleased with the new fence and how efficiently it was done. PS. The wood colour is perfect.